Extreme Tour Package for Turkey

  • Destination: Turkey Extreme Tour
  • Duration: 13 days
  • Price: $5415

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Day 1
Arrive at Izmir airport, meet our driver. Transfer to hotel. Overnight in  Kusadasi.
Day 2
Our driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you to Sky diving airfield. Skydiving in Ephesus is organised by a professional team with safe and quality equipments. Skydiving above Ephesus or other say Skydiving in Selcuk provides a great enjoyment.Easy, safe and enjoyable way to have discovery above Ephesus-Selcuk with excitement. Skydiving in Ephesus is A 35 – 40 seconds free fall from 3100 meter / 10,000 feet, accompanied by a professional skydiving instructor. Jump above the ancient city of Ephesus. After this our driver and guide will pick you up and start to tour. Ephesus was one of the greatest cities of antiquity. It contained everything that was necessary for education, policies, religion, entertainment and sport , including the Library of Celsus, bathhouses, a gymnasium and luxurious mansions. Ephesus is among the best preserved classical cities of the Mediterranean  World, and perhaps the best place in the world to get a feeling for what life in Roman times. Its Temple of Artemis was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  Overnight in Kusadasi
Day 3
We drive to Aphrodisias, which is now one of the most popular ancient sites in Turkey, and it easy to see why. Its architecture is magnificent, and the ateliers of its sculptors were famous throughout the Roman World. There was a settlement on the site as early as 5,800 BC, but Aphrodisias did not develop into a majör city until the Roman era. Before that its claim to fame was its Temple of Aphrodite. The patronage of emprerors including Augustus, Tiberius and Hadrian completely transformed the apperance of the city. Among the monumental structures that have survived, many in an excellent state of preservation, are a vast stadium, the Baths of Hadrian, an exquisite odeon, the Portico of Tiberius, a sebasteion (that is, a shrine to the deified emperors) and a theatre seating 8,000. We visit the on-site museum, which contains a superb display of sculpture found during the excavations. Overnight in Pamukkale.
Day 4
We visit Hierapolis in th morning, then stroll over the calcareous terraces of Pamukkale. After lunch we drive to Bekilli river for rafting. After this our driver pick you up and we drive to Bodrum. Overnight in Bodrum
Day 5
Today we will exploreone of the famous colourful weekly food markets of Bodrum, acquainting our selves with the plentiful local vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and other food stuffs that play such a major role in the Aegean region’s cuisine. For a seafood lunch we will drive to the pretty village of Gumusluk. In the afternoon, we will explore th eunique Museum of Underwater Archaeology, housed in the former Crusader Castle.  The castle which is excellent repair was built from the remains of theMausoleum but there is little to see of that original structure. We shall also visit Ulu Burun shipwreck. Excavated by the Institute of Nautical Archaeology between 1983 and 1994, it was located close to Kas and is the oldest wreck ever excavated (3600 years old). The exhibit is currently being prepared in the Bodrum Castle and all the artefacts are in the conservation laboratory. Overnight in Bodrum
Day 6
Our driver will you up from your hotel and transfer you to diving course. We will take a diving course at big reef. Big Reef has all the diving oppotunities in it. The amphoras, colorfull fish, wreck piece such as anchors, lobsters and more. The depth starts at 7m (25 ft) to 35m (100ft). Rest of day on your own. Overnight in Bodrum
Day 7
After breakfast our driver will pick you up from your hotel and we start to drive to Dalaman. Dalaman Cay is 12 km long. There are many rafting  addicts coming here to have a great rafting. After rafting we drive to fethiye. Overnight in Fethiye.
Day 8
We drive to Finike via the ancient Lycian cities of Phaselis, Olympos  and Limyra.Standing on a wooded promontory surrounded by three harbors, Phaselis is one of the most romantic sites in SouthernTurkey. However, there was nothing very romantic about its ancient inhabitants who were famous for their sharp, not to say unscruplulos, commercial instincts. For a time they even practiced piracy until the Romans lost their patience and put a stop to it. The site is traversed by a very grand paved Street bordered by step sand statue-bases. Arrayed around it are a theatre, three agoras, an aquaductand an extensive necropolis. Beyond Phaselis the road climbs into the mountains, before descenting dramatically to Olympos, which lies concealed in a narrow river valley opening on to one of the finest beaches in Turkey. The ruins are little hard to explore due to the dense under growth, but the setting is very lovely. We drive on through Kumluca to Limyra , one of the most unusual of the Lycian sites. The lower part of the city is criss crossed by streams that break from thefoot of the acropolis hill, and is divided into two walled enclosures. The one to the West contains the tall Cenotaph of Gaius Ceasar, The Emperor Augustus’s grand son and designated heir, who died here in 4 AD. The eastern enclosures there are numerous, splendid rock-hewn tombs of a kind that are unique to Lycia, and a remarkably well-preserved theatre. Overnight in Cirali
Day 9
After breakfast we start to tour. We visit the great classical cities of Aspendos and Perge. The former has what may be the world’s best-preserved Roman theatre, as well as a magnificent agora and a fine aqueduct . Perge, which is only a few miles away, has a stadium, a theatre, a city gate, two bath complexes, an elegant agora, and it traversed by a very grand colonnaded Street. We visit the Antalya Archeological Museum, which has a rich collection of sculpture from the many nearby archeological sites, including Perge. We then explore Kaleici, th ecity’s old quarter, which has many superb Ottoman mansions and is a model of conservation and restoration. It is ringed by walls dating from Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk periods. The view from the harbor to the mountains of Lycia is one of the most enchanting and picturesque to be found any where in theMediterranean. Overnight in Antalya
Day 10
Our driver meets you at the hotel and transfers you to Antalya Airport for the flight to Kayseri. Our driver and transfer us to zamanti river for rafting. River Zamanti flowing through Aladaglar National Park. Derebag Fall, 10 km from the town of Yahyali creates a natural beauty with its appearance. Overnight in Cappadocia.
Day 11
60 minute hot air balloon ride over the lunar landscape of Cappadocia at dawn. Our guide and driver will pick you up at 09:30 for a full day private trekking tour. Firstly we drive to the Pigeon Valley, for trekking, Once which was full of pigeons or doves today is empty. Only a few pigeons try to keep the name. There are many dove-cotes in this valley and the sceneries are just beautiful. After 2 hrs walking we arrive to Goreme Village. Here we have a short break and we climb up hill to view Goreme Village and decend into Zemi Valley. Here we walk and see the pillar like fairy chimneys. Our Daily Cappadocia tour will continue with walk of Swords Valley . The formations are very big and sharp pointed which inspired the locals to name the valley so. From This Valley we walk to the Love Valley because of the pillar like rock formations and walk till Uchisar.

Overnight in Cappadocia

Day 12
Today we will ride horses. Ride from Avanos through the stunning Dereyamanli valley to Uchisar for lunch beneath the town’s impressive rock fortress. After lunch continue on to Ibrahimpasa, an old village boasting with exquisite Greek architecture and continue through the Balkan Deresi valley to Kavak. We start Full Moon tour at  9:00pm on Rose Valley. When the sky is full of stars and the gentle night breeze brings the sounds of night from the fairy chimneys and intense scents of Cappadocian herbs. Hiking through the night, learn about the stars and constellations search for fairy chimneys, night owls, the famous vineyards of Cappadocia. Full moon hikes are an unusual way to experience the Cappadocia. Our full moon walking tour end around 01:00am.Overnight in Cappadocia
Day 13
Our driver meets you at the hotel and transfers you to Kayseri Airport for the flight to Istanbul.

– 12 night’ accommodation including breakfast at the mentioned hotels (standard rooms)

– Sky Diving in Ephesus

– Squba Diving in Bodrum

– River rafting in Fethiye and Cappadocia

– 60 minute hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia

– Horseback Riding in Cappadocia

– Air conditioned luxury bus with driver on tours and transfers

– Professional guiding on tours

– Lunches on tours

– All admission fees to the museums and sights

– Taxes


– International flight tickets

– Dinners

– Drinks during the lunches

– Not mandatory but customary tips

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